JTInstagram Download APK v9.0 (New Version) Update by JimTechs

JTInstagram APK is a modified version of Instagram by Jimtech (Jimods) that offers additional features, such as the ghost mode, within the Instagram app. JT Instagram is not available on the Play Store because it is an advanced modification of Instagram.

App NameJTInstagram
Latest Version9.0
Last Updated1 Jan, 2024
File Size71 MB

The latest updated version of JTInstagram APK is 9.0. Always use the latest version of the JT Instagram to explore the newest features. Simply download the APK file and install it on your Android device.


Exploring JTInstagram APK

JTInstagram+ is like a superior version of Instagram, similar to JTWhatsapp, MBWhatsapp, and TMWhatsapp. It provides advanced features that the official Instagram app does not offer, such as the ability to save videos, photos, reels, and advanced text tools. Jimtech developers created this app to enhance Instagram’s features.

Since the JT Instagram download file is not available on the Google Play Store, you must download it in the form of an APK for Android. However, don’t worry; it’s as simple as drinking a cup of coffee. Just click on the download button to get the updated version.

Advance Features of JTInstagram

  • Enjoy your social Instagram experience without any ads.
  • Download videos, pictures, and reels with a single tap.
  • Similar to Snapchat, share stories with close friends.
  • Enable Ghost Mode during chat to keep your typing icon hidden.
  • Discreetly manage your social feed using the “Hide Stories from List” feature to hide posts from specific individuals.
  • Retain your live videos for future enjoyment with the “Save Story to Archive” option, which archives your live videos for 30 days.
  • Smart navigation options allow you to zoom in on photos and videos in the app.
  • Take control of your messaging experience by enabling or disabling message replies using the “Allow Message Replies” setting.

What is Ghost Mode?

Ghost Mode is a special feature of the JT Instagram application that hides your typing icon on the chat screen when you’re composing a message, enhancing your Instagram privacy.

What is new in the new version of JT Instagram?

  • Improved: Copy Instagram bio with a single tap.
  • Added: Anti-Screenshot tracker.
  • Now you can share stories.
  • Added: Open external links.
  • New emojis added.
  • Added: iOS emojis and fonts.

Download JT Instagram (Jimods) Update

  1. Click the download button below.
  2. Tap to download JTInstagram 9.0
  3. Install the app and enjoy the extended features.
how to download and install

That’s how you can enjoy Instagram Plus in easy steps.

Please note that JT Instagram is a third-party application by Jimods and has no affiliation with WhatsJT and Meta. Users will be solely responsible for installing, using, and downloading this third-party Instagram app. Nonetheless, it’s a great app to explore Instagram’s advanced features.

Developers regularly update the app every few weeks, so check back for the latest updates.

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