TMWhatsapp Titus Mukisa (Updated) Download APK v8.71 2024

Titus Mukisa developed the TMWhatsApp APK for Android. Download the latest (updated) version of TMWA and enjoy more features than GB WhatsApp. Its package comes in the form of com.tmwhatsapp app.

Softek officially launched Titus Mukisa WhatsApp. However, you will find the fast, safe, and direct download link of the Titus WhatsApp on our site. In this article, you will be able to know how to download the APK file, update your TM WhatsApp, its features, legality, and the pros and cons of Mukisa WhatsApp.

TM Whatsapp Update

DeveloperTitus Mukisa
APK file Size75 MB
Last Updated29 March, 2024

What is TMWhatsapp APK?

It may happen to you sometimes that some games are not available on the Google Play Store or the iOS Store due to various reasons. The same is the case for TM WhatsApp by Titus Mukisa. It is not available on the Play Store due to certain reasons. The solution to get it is in the APK file format for your Android device. Therefore, this WhatsApp is available to download in APK format, and that’s why its downloaded file is called TM WhatsApp APK.

You might be wondering why this modified version of WhatsApp is not available on the official Google Store. The reason is that this WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp, combining features of JTWhatsapp, GB App and FM Whatsapp. It offers more features than GB WhatsApp and is also known as GB WhatsApp by Titus. Similarly, you can update your TMWA app.

TMWhatsapp 8.71 coming soon.

Main Features

Feature-wise, TM WhatsApp 2024 app is the best when it comes to having more features compared to all other WhatsApp mods. It is better than other modified WhatsApp versions in many ways. For example, you can use the old version of TM WhatsApp for up to six months after a new update, which is amazing. Other WhatsApp mods do not provide this luxury of using an old version of the Titus Mukisa app. Let’s explore all of its main features that set it apart from other kinds of WhatsApp.


Extended Expiry

Now you can use the latest version of TM WhatsApp whenever you want, which means you can use the old version for up to six months after every update. This feature is beneficial for those who get irritated by new updates and ensures it does not disturb your user experience.

Hide Status Splitter

TM WhatsApp’s latest version has the ability to hide the status splitter. Whenever someone uploads a long video, it splits into parts, which can be irritating. With this feature, you can avoid that inconvenience.

Load Custom Fonts

If you don’t like some of the fonts in WhatsApp, don’t worry! TM WhatsApp allows you to load custom fonts of your choice. This is a great feature for users who like to experiment with different fonts.

Send High-Resolution Media

The official WhatsApp sometimes has issues with media quality when sending images or videos to others, resulting in pixelation and blurriness. TM WhatsApp resolves this problem by adding a built-in feature to send images or videos in high resolution.

Better Auto Reply Feature

The auto-reply tool sometimes crashes in certain WhatsApp mods, but in TM WhatsApp APK, it works smoothly. However, users need to be cautious while using this feature, as excessive use can lead to account bans.

See Status Marked as Seen

TM WhatsApp provides its users with the luxury of marking status as seen without actually viewing it. This can be a time-saver for those who don’t want to view the status but want to show their friends that they have seen it.

Pause, Freeze Last Seen

From TM WhatsApp settings, you can pause or freeze your last seen. If you don’t want to pause, you can hide it or even fake the last seen by adding a time of your choice. It’s a very tricky feature.

Advance Features

  • SpyTool
  • Schedule message: Schedule a happy birthday and wish when you are sleeping.
  • Send 100 documents and 100 images at once.
  • Long video status and edit videos like many do in capcut mod apk.
  • Delete sent messages even after some days.
  • Anti-Recall and Anti Ban Technology in tm whatsapp

How to Download and Install Tmwhatsapp 8.71 on Android?

To download the latest version of TMWhatsApp 2024 APK on your Android device, first, you need to decide which WhatsApp will be your primary messaging app. If you don’t want to use the official WhatsApp as your primary app, uninstall it and take a backup of your chats.

Next, follow these steps:

how to install tm whatsapp
  1. Download TMWhatsApp from the download button or by clicking the provided link.
  2. Click on “Install,” and it will take a few moments.
  3. Now, tap on “Install TMWhatsApp” and verify your phone number.
  4. Your TMWA is ready for use
how to install tmwhatsapp

How to Update Titus Mukisa (TM) WhatsApp 2024?

If you are using old versions of TM WhatsApp, such as TM 8.55, 8.40, 8.50, 8.65, and want to update to a newer version, follow these instructions:

  1. If you are facing issues while updating, start by installing the old TMWhatsApp 8.50 version.
  2. After installing the old version, uninstall it. Please note that the old version will not work because it is being used to unblock the installation of the new version.
  3. Now, download the new version from the provided download link and install it. Enjoy using your updated app.
how to update tmwhatsapp

Google Play Protect Solution

If Google Play Protect is preventing you from installing the new TMWhatsApp version, follow the steps shown in the picture below to turn it off, and then proceed with the installation of TMWhatsApp.
Remember to exercise caution while installing apps from sources outside the official app stores and ensure you trust the source to avoid potential security risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

TMWhatsApp is a third-party messenger app; that’s why it is not available on the Play Store. However, the TM Whats Guide is available on the Play Store.

Third-party apps always have security issues. Make sure you download the TMWhatsApp app from a trusted and safe server.

TMWhatsApp developers add new features to the app and release them in the form of updates.

Yes, TMWhatsApp is free to use.

After opening your app, tap on your profile photo and upload your DP.

The update guide is provided above in the update section.

TMWhatsApp is also known as TMWhatsApp Lite.

TMWhatsApp offers features similar to FM WhatsApp, which is why it is sometimes called FM WhatsApp by Titus.

You can update your app by following the update guide.

TMWhatsApp Updater is a TMWhatsApp file that helps in the upgrading of TMWhatsApp, but it is not mandatory to use.

First install any android emulator. For details follow the guide.

Closing Remarks

I hope that after reading all the information related to TM WhatsApp APK, you will be able to understand its features, download process, and how to update it. I have also included information about Play Store and provided some solutions for updates in the article. Enjoy the ultimate features of this premium WhatsApp version and experience the feeling of using a luxury WhatsApp. I have installed and tested all the features of the Titus Mukisa app, and everything is amazing. I highly recommend you to give it a try because it offers some exclusive and amazing tools.

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